05 January 2013

Medieval Music Conference, September 2013

Cantum Pulcriorem Invenire: Music in Western Europe, 1150-1350, Southampton, 9-10 September 2013

Following the first conference on the music of the Ars Antiqua in Princeton in November 2011, the University of Southampton’s Department of Music will host the second conference in this series at its Highfield Campus on 9-10 September 2013. 

The conference seeks to shed light on the issues around the discovery and management of known and newly-discovered source material, the implications of claims of meaning in thirteenth-century music, the use of digital technologies in the study of music of the period, as well as other traditional and innovatory approaches.

The conference invites papers on any aspect of music of Western Europe between 1150 and 1350. If applicable, authors of papers will be able to benefit from the presence of the artists on the recent CD: John Potter, Christopher O’Gorman, Rogers Covey-Crump, ‘Conductus 1: Music and Poetry of Thirteenth-Century France’. Hyperion, CDA67949, 2012. Visit the websitefor more information.

Proposals for papers should make explicit their aims, methods and outcomes, and should not exceed 300 words; they should also explain how the paper would benefit from the participation of the artists given above. Proposals for linked papers or complete sessions are also welcome. Abstracts should be sent in duplicate: one version should be anonymous; the other should include name and full contact details. 

The conference will provide accommodation for the nights of 8, 9, 10 September 2013, all meals, and aims to reimburse travel from both within the UK and abroad.

The conference director, Mark Everist, will be happy to discuss proposals in advance of formal submission (m.everist@southampton.ac.uk). Closing date for submission of proposals for papers is Friday 25 January 2013. Proposals should be sent as email attachments in pdf format to:G.Bevilacqua@soton.ac.uk and this call for papers, together with material relating to the conference will be posted in the ‘Cantum pulcriorem invenire’ website.


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